Friday, November 2, 2007


The kids had a great Halloween...especially cause they were able to "trick or treat" with their cousins. Aren't they all so cute? They also went to our neighborhood Halloween Party. Little Aydia even won the prize for cutest costume. Wyatt isn't in the pictures because I just kept him home with me to pass out candy. Colton made a costume change. He was suppose to be Mater from Cars; his costume was the same concept as Caylee's Sally costume. But he didn't like it haning on him and cramping his legs. So he decided to wear Wyatt's costume was just a little bit short on him. Colton didn't have quite as much fun as everyone else. After the second house of trick or treating he came face to face with Freddie Kruger...and that was it for him. He wouldn't get out of the stroller and kept hiding his face and saying, "I'm scared!" It's hard to figure out what is real and what isn't at Halloween...especially when you're two.

New Sand Box

We finally broke down and bought a sand/water box. I knew it would entertain the kids for hours, which would be great for me....but Aaron was so worried about having sand all over the house. So far, most of the sand has stayed outside. And the kids are absolutely loving it.