Wednesday, April 30, 2008


More Camping Pics!

Family Camp Out!

We went camping a few weeks ago with a couple of Aaron's brothers and their families (Ryan & Becky and Kris & Michelle). We had such a great time. It was a little chilly, but we didn't freeze too bad. The boys most favorite thing in the world now is throwing rocks in the river. I am asked daily by Colton if we can "go fro woks in da wiver". They can seriously do it for hours. We went to Guadalupe State Park a couple weeks ago with the kids and Colton and Wyatt were in heaven just throwing rocks in the river. It's the one time it's okay to throw rocks.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter! last! We have a lot to share! Hope you all enjoy!

We enjoyed Easter weekend and the time we had to spend with family and reflecting on our Savior Jesus Christ!

Parent Daughter Date!

Aaron and I took Caylee on a Parent Daughter Date! The boys stayed home with a babysitter. We had so much fun! We went out to dinner at Cracker Barrel, then we went Bowling and played air hockey, video games, basketball toss and other games at the arcade, and then we had ice cream at McDonalds! It was so nice to have some time just with Caylee!

Our wonderful friends, the Cook Family, who moved last year, were able to come and visit during spring break. It was so good to see them and how much their kids have grown. The three little handsome guys are only weeks apart, in fact Gunner and Hayden (the two on the ends) are only a couple days apart. We all had a great time at the park playing and having lunch together! We miss you Cook Family!

American Idol!

We really like playing American Idol on the Wii! So do Caylee and Colton. Colton obviously can't read but he likes to sing his own versions of the songs!

Working at the Car Wash!

The kids decided to help Aaron was the cars. I'm sure you can all guess how much help they really were! But in the end everyone had a great time! Well at least the kids did.

Hanging out with Emily and Ashley!

My sisters Emily and Ashley were able to come to San Antonio for spring break! We had a fun time playing and hanging out. We even went on a trip to the zoo. We sure do miss them!

Playing in the mud!!!

Our neighbor accidentally left their hose on for hours and the water drained right down the middle of our backyard like a little stream. The kids went crazy splashing, sliding, and playing in the mud. They had such a great time...I was tempted to jump in and join them...but decided to be the photographer instead.