Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a miracle!!!

I finally did it...I updated the blog. I'm shocked myself. I began to get so discouraged by how far behind I was that I was tempted to just give up on blogging. So the only way I could convince myself to update it was to start from NOW. I'm not catching up on the months I've missed. They're just gone. So I only have the most recent events posted and that will just have to do! We love and miss everyone!!!

Ashley and Spencer

My sister Ashley is getting married May 9th in the Draper Utah Temple. We are so excited for her and Spencer. We are excited to have Spencer in our family. He was able to come down for Christmas and we all loved him, even Ashley's overprotective Brother in law, Aaron. We are going on a road trip to go up to the wedding...that should be interesting. But we are excited for the wedding! Congrats Ashley and Spencer! We love you!!! Oh and the best part is that Spencer got a job in Austin, so right after they get married they're moving to TEXAS!!! I'm so excited about that! Now I just need to convince Emily to come back to Texas!


We had a great Easter. Saturday we had an egg hunt and lunch at Aaron's Grandparents house, the Laughlins. It's always fun hanging out with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas. Sunday, we had our own little egg hunt before our early 8:30 church service. And after church we went out to Pleasanton to James and Fallon's place and had lunch and another egg hunt. We didn't get pictures of the last egg hunt, we ran out of batteries. But thanks to everyone and all they did to create a wonderful Easter celebration for our family.

Baby Vance

My little nephew Vance is getting so big! He is such a cutie! His smile just makes you melt!

Putt Putt

We went out with a bunch of family and friends on a group date to play putt, putt...we had a lot of fun! Thanks again Aleta, George, Willa, Rhonda and Raymond for letting us tag along. Oh, and thanks again, Raymond, for letting me borrow your cute sweater!

Feeding the Ducks

Auntie Emma's Visit

My sister Emily was able to come for a visit from Utah this past week for Easter weekend. She left today. :( But we had a great time while she was here. We love you Emily!

Soccer Season

Caylee and Colton are both in soccer this season. It makes for a busy week and a very busy Saturday but they love it so it's worth it. He are some pictures of Caylee's first game.

Story Time

Uncle Kris is so good to let kids lay all over him. They kept giving him book after book and he was patient enough to put up with it. They were at it for about an hour. You're such a good uncle, Kris!!! Of course all of the uncles are good uncles...I just don't always catch it on film.

Hanging out with Pa

Colton's on two wheels

Colton is a very energetic and athletic kid. He has always been very coordinated and quick. Something he got from his Dad. For Christmas he got a new bike with training wheels. He never really like riding it; the training wheels bothered him. So Aaron decided to take them off a couple months ago. And sure enough within a couple weeks Colton was riding a two wheeler. He's three and riding a bike. I didn't ride a two wheeler until I was eight...like I said...he gets his coordination from his Dad.

Aaron's new truck

Well, a couple months ago Aaron was in a car accident and totalled his Honda Civic. We all loved that car...it was so great on gas. Aaron was fine...no damage to him. Anyway, rather than purchasing another gas efficient vehicle he opted to buy a truck. His Ford is getting pretty old and can't handle driving him back and forth to work 30 miles a day. So Aaron sold his Ford F150 to his brother Josh and bought a Dodge 1500 4x4 Crew Cab from Fallon's Mom. I'll admit it is fun being able to all ride in the truck together as a family. It will be great for camping, trips to the river and other outdoor excursions. Needless to say he was very excited!

Colton Cutie!

I love this picture. Colton looks so angelic. He is so funny. Colton is the person in our house that sneaks all the treats. You can often find him under the kitchen table eating white powdered donuts, behind the arm chair eating cookies, or with his head behind the couch eating candy...as if we didn't see the rest of his body. Anyway, today I found a bunch of candy wrappers and an empty plastic Easter egg behind the arm chair. I called out to everyone, "Hey, whose candy wrappers are behind the chair?" Of course I already knew who the culprit was but I wanted to see if he would fess up. Colton came into the room and said, "They're mine, of course!" I guess he knows he's the secret junk food junkie, too.