Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just hanging around!

We had a very wet, cold, Saturday! We were cooped up in the house for most of the day! It was nice to have some relaxing down time to hang out with the family!

Summer in February????

Early last week we had some very warm, summer like weather. Caylee thought it would be fun to put on swimming suits and play in the water hose. So that's just what we did. And the kids had a great time!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

San Antonio Rodeo 2008

Last night we went to the San Antonio Rodeo with some friends. We had a great time eating junky carnival food like, funnel cakes and fried snickers. We even ventured into the barns to check out the animals. And I thought it was so cool, we saw a real Billy Goat. I've never seen a goat with a beard in person.

Snack Time

The boys and their Cousin Aydia are nicely sharing a little snack together...a rare occasion to have everyone sharing so nicely off the same plate. Especially when it's an hour and a half after bedtime but their crazy parents won't stop playing Wii. What great kids!

Bedroom Makeover!

Well for those of you who have seen our bedroom you know that it is a very small room filled with extremely large furniture. I love the furniture, especially since it was all handcrafted by my super talented hubby. But, since the room is so small we were starting to feel a little cramped and never wanted to be in our room. So we decided to give it a makeover into something very different and hopefully create a more open feeling. We originally had dark sage green walls with a cedar trim at the top of the wall. Some of our furniture consisted of a large cedar log post bed that Aaron made me as a wedding gift and a very large armoire made out of old fence wood. It was an old, rustic kind of theme. Well we have changed completely to a fresh, traditional feel. We painted the walls a neutral light brown color with a white crown molding. Aaron made me a new headboard. I was wanting a beefy, mantle, pottery barn kind of bed. I'm not good at describing what I visualize in my mind. But Aaron made it even better than I imagined. So here is a little peek at our new room.

Date Night Cuties!

We have a date night rotation that we do with some friends of ours. This was our night to have all the kids at our house. Some of the girls were playing dress up and insisted on taking pictures of them. They are pretty princesses!

Monster Trucks!

Aaron took Colton to the Monster Truck Road Ralley a couple weeks ago! Afterwards, they went to the park together. That same night Aaron took Caylee to the Monster Truck Show! Everyone had a great time!