Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Blog Assistant

So Caylee is always nagging me about updating the blog. I know...I'm lousy at updating my blog. But really...the girl was driving me crazy. Finally today she said, "I'll update the blog. Give me a quick lesson to show me what to do and I'll take over." Sounded like a good idea to me. Why didn't I think of that? So the majority of the posts from today are courtesy of Caylee. So in the future keep in mind if the post sounds like a nine year old is talking or you see some spelling errors probably is a nine year old talking.

Aaron the world traveler

Aaron has been traveling a lot lately with work! I have been so jealous...but it's been fun to see all his adventures in photos. In November he went to Singapore for two weeks and just a couple weeks ago he went to London for a week...which he says is his home. It is where much of his ancestors come from...but it's funny hearing him say that he felt like he was coming back to his homeland. Anyway, here are a few of his photos from his travels.


London Bridges Falling Down

London Bridge

Aaron has been going from place to place this year. He's having a blast!love you dad!

crazy dad!

Easton Family Photo Shoot

In November we had a photo shoot with the entire Easton Family. I have to say we're a pretty cute group of people! It was fun! And we are so blessed to have so much of our family close to us! We have a great family!

Whole family!





Steve and the boys

Karen and her boys

Karen and the Girls