Sunday, November 25, 2012


Caylee and Brielle's Birthdays are coming up! Caylee is turning 11 and bree bree is turning 1! it is funny to think that they are exactly 10 years 6 days apart! A year has gone by soooo fast! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

I love watching these cousins play! They love playing together!


brielle is super cute! she is always scooching around the house on her butt going from one room to the other. she is a handful!I(Caylee)hold her all the time. when mom tries to take her away form me,she will push her away. she does that to every one else who tries to take her too. we all love our new addition to the family!

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Addition to the Family

Just wanted to make an official announcement on our very outdated blog, that we are having a baby in December. We are expecting a baby girl, much to Caylee's delight. She couldn't be happier and is so into planning, shopping, and doing anything she can to prepare for the baby. We are thrilled despite being unplanned! But who doesn't love surprises, right? We'll keep you posted as the arrival date comes closer.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Blog Assistant

So Caylee is always nagging me about updating the blog. I know...I'm lousy at updating my blog. But really...the girl was driving me crazy. Finally today she said, "I'll update the blog. Give me a quick lesson to show me what to do and I'll take over." Sounded like a good idea to me. Why didn't I think of that? So the majority of the posts from today are courtesy of Caylee. So in the future keep in mind if the post sounds like a nine year old is talking or you see some spelling errors probably is a nine year old talking.

Aaron the world traveler

Aaron has been traveling a lot lately with work! I have been so jealous...but it's been fun to see all his adventures in photos. In November he went to Singapore for two weeks and just a couple weeks ago he went to London for a week...which he says is his home. It is where much of his ancestors come from...but it's funny hearing him say that he felt like he was coming back to his homeland. Anyway, here are a few of his photos from his travels.


London Bridges Falling Down

London Bridge

Aaron has been going from place to place this year. He's having a blast!love you dad!

crazy dad!

Easton Family Photo Shoot

In November we had a photo shoot with the entire Easton Family. I have to say we're a pretty cute group of people! It was fun! And we are so blessed to have so much of our family close to us! We have a great family!

Whole family!





Steve and the boys

Karen and her boys

Karen and the Girls

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Catching Up

So I have disappeared for a little over a year. But I am back! I hope, I least at the moment. I am not terribly good at keeping up with my blog, as most of you know. And I thought about attempting to post a years worth of events, but decided I would loose my mind. So here is a brief run down of our past year. We moved in November to Schertz, Texas. It's just north east of San Antonio. We have really liked it here. We sold our house in June of last year and tried to find another house in the same area we were at, but nothing worked out, and through some inspiration and patience we were finally lead to Schertz. And for whatever reason this is where we are suppose to be and we are loving it. Aaron and his brother got a flip house in New Braunfels last fall and living in Schertz did make that project easier to finish rather than living on the other side of town where we were. I post more about that later. We got a dog; more about that further down as well. Caylee was baptized in December, on her birthday, so that was a big event in our family. Aaron had his first kidney stone, with I'm sure many more to come in the future. He survived and said it was bad enough to cut back on soda and meat but not bad enough to give up chocolate. Aaron has been traveling a lot this past year for work. He has been working on a class action lawsuit and leaves for three to six weeks at a time. All of his trips have been to Arkansas. And he has more to come. I hate being alone, but I am slowly getting used to it. I'm still keeping busy with Real Estate and the kids are doing great! Well, I don't want to bore everyone with everything that happened this year. For the most part just keeping busy and having fun! I have a few posts below and hoping to do better with future posts! We love you all!

First Day of School

Caylee is in third grade this year...I still can't believe that...she is so grown up and mature. She loves soccer, dancing, playing piano and now she thinks she wants to start acting lessons. She wants to do everything. She loves hanging out with her cousins. And she is a great big sister.
Colton started Kinder this year! He has been so excited for school! He is all boy and I think he is driving his teacher crazy. Hopefully she survives him this year. He loves learning and really loves socializing. He had a couple girlfriends at once in preschool, and he totally loved all the attention. He keep us on our toes! He loves any and all sports and is currently in soccer.
Wyatt starts preschool tomorrow. We are both excited about that. I will have two days a week to myself...and I can't wait. He is a good buddy to have during the day though, he loves to be my shadow and help with my chores. I better enjoy that while I can.

Our little brave man

Wyatt was having a hard time kicking strep throat in July and it turned out that he had a throat abscess and had to be hospitalized. Thankfully rather than doing surgery to drain the swollen gland they treated him with IV antibiotics and steroids. We were in the hospital for four days. It was tough because he felt fine after the first day but still had to stay hooked up to an IV which limited his activity. Keeping a three year old still enough to keep the IV from coming out wasn't easy. But we got through it and he was very brave. Now he tells everyone he sees, "Hi, my name is Wyatt and I went to the hospital." Everyone from the cashier at the store to a stranger walking down the street. And he'll tell you all about it if you'll let him. He's cute!

Aaron's Project

Last fall Aaron and his brother, Mike, started another flip house. When they got it, it was just in the framing stage and still had tons of work. They worked on it for months. They worked hard but also enjoyed the project and working together. The house is located in New Braunfels, which is just north of San Antonio. It is down the street from a lake, great location. And it turned out amazing. They finished in May and instead of it becoming a flip house like originally planned it became Mike and Gena's house. His brother and family felt like Texas is where their future is. So they sold their house in California, packed up and moved to New Braunfels. And we are so grateful they did. We are all elated that they are so close now. It's only a 15 minute drive from our house. It couldn't have worked out any better!

Christi's Trip to Boston

I had the opportunity at the end of August to check out Boston. I've never been back is soooo beautiful! I could totally live there. I went with my parents and my sister Emily. We had so much fun together. We saw Joseph Smith's Birth place in Sharon, Vermont, which was amazing. We also saw a lot of the sights on the Freedom Trail. It was a great trip! I can't wait to go back. Aaron did a great job as Mr. Mom while I was gone. Kept the house clean, got the kids to school on time, cooked dinner and he even made me an amazing wall in my bedroom. I guess I should go out of town more often!


Shortly after we moved our cat, Tabby, died. We really miss her, she was very sweet. Caylee was especially close to her. She wasn't ready for a new pet for awhile and couldn't understand why she felt that way. After a few months, though, we felt ready for a new pet and needed one to fill the void Tabby left. This past spring we decided to add another member to our family. We were fortunate to find a dog at a local Humane Society that is the best dog a family could ask for. He is very well trained, super sweet and gentle, loyal and huge. He is a black lab weighing just under 100 pounds. He has been such a fun dog. He loves tennis balls and swimming. We had a great summer with many outings to the river with Bubba. And he makes me feel more at ease when Aaron is out of town. He is the best!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Trip to Utah

We took a road trip to Utah in May for my sister's wedding. We were there for ten days and made a vacation out of it. We were able to do a lot of fun things and see a lot of friends and family. We had such a wonderful time! Thanks to Mark and Bev, my Uncle and Aunt, who were go generous to let our family stay with them. We loved it there! We had a great trip and we were sad to come home! Great memories! Just warning you there are quite a few pictures!

Ashley and Spencer's Wedding

My sister Ashley was married on May 9th in the Draper Temple to Spencer Rex and we were so excited we could be there. Well, actually I was able to attend the sealing but Aaron was not. An hour before we were suppose to be at the Temple, Wyatt fell off a bed and was screaming and wouldn't let anyone touch his arm. So we thought he broke it. Aaron had to take him to an urgent care clinic for xrays so I could go to the wedding. After we came out of the Temple there was Wyatt perfectly fine. I was sad Aaron couldn't go, but I guess better safe than sorry. It was a beautiful wedding and we're excited to have Spencer in our family.