Sunday, September 5, 2010

Catching Up

So I have disappeared for a little over a year. But I am back! I hope, I least at the moment. I am not terribly good at keeping up with my blog, as most of you know. And I thought about attempting to post a years worth of events, but decided I would loose my mind. So here is a brief run down of our past year. We moved in November to Schertz, Texas. It's just north east of San Antonio. We have really liked it here. We sold our house in June of last year and tried to find another house in the same area we were at, but nothing worked out, and through some inspiration and patience we were finally lead to Schertz. And for whatever reason this is where we are suppose to be and we are loving it. Aaron and his brother got a flip house in New Braunfels last fall and living in Schertz did make that project easier to finish rather than living on the other side of town where we were. I post more about that later. We got a dog; more about that further down as well. Caylee was baptized in December, on her birthday, so that was a big event in our family. Aaron had his first kidney stone, with I'm sure many more to come in the future. He survived and said it was bad enough to cut back on soda and meat but not bad enough to give up chocolate. Aaron has been traveling a lot this past year for work. He has been working on a class action lawsuit and leaves for three to six weeks at a time. All of his trips have been to Arkansas. And he has more to come. I hate being alone, but I am slowly getting used to it. I'm still keeping busy with Real Estate and the kids are doing great! Well, I don't want to bore everyone with everything that happened this year. For the most part just keeping busy and having fun! I have a few posts below and hoping to do better with future posts! We love you all!


Kristen said...

Wow, it was so fun to catch up on what you guys are up to. I love the house Aaron fixed up and your wall is so cool. I can't believe how big the boys have's just been a year!

I too loved Sharon VT...we went in the Fall and the leaves were changing and it was absolute perfection. I could totally live back east too. I love it.

Glad you guys are doing well!

Conder Family said...

Love the update. The kids have grown so much especially Wyatt and I am so happy to hear that all is going well.