Monday, August 27, 2007

Aaron's latest creation!

Aaron had made Caylee some wood boxes to hold books and toys in when she was about two years old and she has been using them ever since. Well, now that she started school Aaron thought she needed a desk. So decided to use her existing boxes and convert them into a desk. This is the result. The boxes need a little organizing....we're working on that. So now Caylee is set up for doing homework.

Caylee's First Day of School

Well, we just got back from dropping off Caylee for her first day of kindergarten. She was so excited. It was definitely harder on Aaron and I. All the way there Aaron kept saying, "Well, Caylee you're not a baby anymore. I remember when you were Wyatt's age. What happened?" And Caylee just says as she rolls her eyes, "I grew up." She was kind and patient to tolerate us and our separation anxiety.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Sorry I have been so out of the loop this summer. It's been a crazy and eventful summer. But we have had a lot of fun, too. My sisters Ashley and Emily were home from school for the summer and I hired Ashley to be my part time nanny while she was here. It was great having her around and the kids loved having somebody to play with. We spent many days hanging out at Sea World or the park. We were very sad to see her go last week. My other sister Emily had an internship for most of the summer. Unfortunately, out of nowhere she developed a tumor on her kidney and doctors discovered that she had kidney cancer. She had surgery to remove her kidney and the football size tumor attached to it. She is still recovering and will be missing a semester of school this fall. But we are so glad she is home, out of the hospital, and healthy. We're happy she will be staying in SA for a little longer as well, to finish out her recovery before returning to Utah. Luckily, Emily was able to get in a little fun with everyone before she got sick. We all were able to go tubing down the Medina River, which was a blast. We actually went a few times. We also had fun with friends and family who visited over the summer. We are gearing up for school now and trying to establish a routine. Caylee is so excited to be starting Kindergarten this year. We were happy to find out she has an excellent teacher and we will be meeting her tomorrow. We hope everyone had a fun summer and good luck to everyone starting school!

Summer Fun!

Monster Trucks!

As most of you know, Colton has a fascination with Monster Trucks. He lives and breaths Monster Trucks. One of his favorite movies is the history of Big Foot. His new favorite pass time is to watch Monster Truck rallies on You Tube. Here he is in the zone.

Caylee Starts Clogging

Caylee started dance class this week. She decided to try clogging. She really enjoyed her first class. She says that she loves it so much. She is taking classes at Chrissy's Dance Academy in Helotes. There are five girls in the class and she is the youngest. This is her on her first day.

Caylee's Ears

Caylee made a big decision this past week. She decided she was ready to get her ears pierced. We told her that it would hurt and she would have to take good care of them. Caylee had been thinking about taking on this new commitment for some time now. But she finally decided that it needed to happen "before she started Kindergarten and before she turned six." On the big day, she wasn't scared or nervous one bit. She had both ears pierced at the same time and she didn't even flinch. She was even able to maintain a smile. But as I was paying at the counter, she came over to me and said as she laughed, "Mom, that hurt so bad." We started laughing and I asked her if it was worth it. She said, "I'm glad I did it." Thank goodness she didn't have any regrets. She picked out very cute little pink flower earrings.