Monday, August 27, 2007

Aaron's latest creation!

Aaron had made Caylee some wood boxes to hold books and toys in when she was about two years old and she has been using them ever since. Well, now that she started school Aaron thought she needed a desk. So decided to use her existing boxes and convert them into a desk. This is the result. The boxes need a little organizing....we're working on that. So now Caylee is set up for doing homework.


KandC said...

Hey Christie! I found your blog thru Kim's...I can't believe Caylee is in Kinder already. And your boys are so big and grown up too! Where has the time gone?!! All of the things Aaron has made are amazing! He needs to open up a little shop. Maybe we can put in a custom order for a few items when we come to SA. Did you hear we're moving back?!


Mike and Kelly said...

Your husband needs to teach my husband how to build things. I have been pestering Mike about nightstands for the girls forever. He just won't cooperate.

erin said...

Sooo cute! Aaron is so good at that! I found your blog through Kris and Michelle's. Fun to see your pictures!