Thursday, January 23, 2020

2020 update

Well, well, well. Wyatt's here:) and it has been awhile and lets just say since I turned 13 a lot has happened. I'm here to update you all on the significant(after almost a decade but who's counting). Keep in mind I will not be counting deaths in here because it gets sad for some people. Though I will hint at one. We got a new dog his name is Ruger Drake Easton and is an intelligent G.S.P(German short-haired pointer). He is about a teenager in dog years but we will always call him a puppy. I got strep throat again back in fifth grade. It really wasn't worth mentioning but because it was on the blog before I'll put it again. Ben got home from his mission a while back and is getting married. Fortnite the most lit game right now got released(This totally is worth mentioning;), We moved twice but no worries we are still like five minutes away from our old house. Grandma and grandpa moved closer, and we have another two new members on the Partridge side of the family, Brittney and her son Dustin. Man it's been so long that Colton is starting High school and Caylee is about to leave for College. Brielle is a Gymnast and I do tennis, theater, and pace back and forth waiting for the next Gryphon Chronicles book. Oh yeah I also can enter the Temple and do baptisms for the dead(my first time I got four Williams in a row)and I am home schooled, lets just say I saw Dobie's true colors. Everyone has a lot of new friends like Colton with his two birds and me with my fish. Uncle Kris and his crew moved back to Texas. And I can't say much else. hopefully I will come back to this soon. See you in 2030.