Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a miracle!!!

I finally did it...I updated the blog. I'm shocked myself. I began to get so discouraged by how far behind I was that I was tempted to just give up on blogging. So the only way I could convince myself to update it was to start from NOW. I'm not catching up on the months I've missed. They're just gone. So I only have the most recent events posted and that will just have to do! We love and miss everyone!!!


Shaela said...

I should follow your lead. I haven't updated since November (about as long as you!). Great job.

Your kids are really growing up. Wyatt and Colton have changed so much! I can't believe those little babies are so BIG. Thanks for so many pictures. We miss you.

Elise said...

YAY!!! So fun to see the updates!! Congrats to Ashley on her engagement!!!!