Saturday, January 19, 2008


Okay...I know the holidays are long gone but I still wanted to post some of our holiday moments. We had a great Christmas; we loved having so much family around this year. We missed those we couldn't be with, though. This is the kids big gift from was a group gift. They really loved it, especially Caylee, she's a pretty good driver. Colton on the other hand, still doesn't understand the concept of makes it difficult to go very far before running into a tree.


Rebecca said...

I always wanted one as a kid but that one is much cooler than I had planned out! So much fun!

Kenna said...

Fun! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. It's so nice to keep up with what's new in your family. We used to have 2 of those cars and the kids loved them. There's not even room in our backyard for a trampoline, now! I'm jealous.
(didn't know if you had our family site -