Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I think there's something wrong with this picture?

Okay, as most of you know Colton is all boy! He loves cars, trucks, monsters, dinosaurs, you know, the usual. Well recently he has added guns and shooting to the list, which I'm not thrilled about. But it's not hard to figure out where he gets it from...being that his Dad has recently taken up Paintballing as a hobby! And of course Colton has been dying to use Aaron's paintball gun. So Aaron let him play with it...WITHOUT PAINT BALLS! Caylee got a kick out of it as well!

There is a little video clip at the end of the photos, there isn't much said but if you want to pause the music on my playlist there is a pause button on it. And that might be useful to those of you who don't like my choice of music!


Deanne said...

Fun pics....and I LOVE your taste in music :)

Kristen said...

Love it, now Aaron has to take him out next time the boys go paint balling.