Sunday, September 5, 2010


Shortly after we moved our cat, Tabby, died. We really miss her, she was very sweet. Caylee was especially close to her. She wasn't ready for a new pet for awhile and couldn't understand why she felt that way. After a few months, though, we felt ready for a new pet and needed one to fill the void Tabby left. This past spring we decided to add another member to our family. We were fortunate to find a dog at a local Humane Society that is the best dog a family could ask for. He is very well trained, super sweet and gentle, loyal and huge. He is a black lab weighing just under 100 pounds. He has been such a fun dog. He loves tennis balls and swimming. We had a great summer with many outings to the river with Bubba. And he makes me feel more at ease when Aaron is out of town. He is the best!!!